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We've got solutions for you. If you're a beginner that gets nervous at the thought of speaking up & presenting, or you're an experience speaker that wants that extra edge, we've got a course for you. Read our testimonials, have a look at our courses and then get in touch with what's on your mind.

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Personal coaching

Ideal for exploring public speaking anxiety and presentation skills in a private session with advice tailored to you.

Group courses

Group courses are a great way to overcome your fear and improve presentation skills in front of an audience.

In-house courses

We come to you. In-house courses are perfect if you'd like to get your team on the same page or want to boost their skills in one go.

Benefits of becoming a Legend


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Overcome fear

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“Ryan helped me enormously with his guidance on how to polish my presentation skills. I attended several of his masterclasses earlier this year, each one was well structured, professional and exceptional value for money. Ryan really knows his stuff, and my presentations to clients on financial planning and ethical/sustainable investing are now more effective than ever. I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking to improve their public speaking.”

- Guy Roper


About Us

With 10 years experience in customer service, sales & complaints. It’s hard to believe Ryan was afraid of public speaking. Shaking, shortness of breath, a total loss for words, they’ve all been experienced.

Only when looking back now he realises how many opportunities were missed by not having the confidence or the competence to go for promotions or speak up on issues that mattered to him.

This changed in 2015, when Ryan attended a public speaking class. He hasn’t looked back since.

All of the quirks to do with presenting, tips for writing a impactful speech, and ways to leave an audience spellbound…these are Ryan’s interests now and he takes pride in being able to share these with his clients’and help them progress through their careers, relationships and improve their networking skills.

What our clients say

Chas RoweVoiceover Artist at

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get over my fear of my public speaking and for giving up your time and expertise through your fundamentals of public speaking course in Bristol these last few months. I finally went to my friend's wedding last weekend and am pleased to report that I successfully delivered the poem I was asked to read. Thanks again for helping me lead like a legend, Ryan.

Matt Cadel

Having been to the last public speaking meetup, I can't recommend this enough. Ryan is a great teacher and is super encouraging. All abilities were welcome and I definitely learnt a lot. I'll likely go to this one if I'm free on this Saturday.

Jane DurkinPrimary School teacher

Thanks for a great workshop today, I felt I really improved my confidence and felt more relaxed presenting due to the skills we learned. Ryan is a calm reassuring instructor and everyone in the group was very supportive. If you are unsure whether to come along i would encourage you to do so and don’t worry if you don’t have much experience.

Melody Fears

Thank you Ryan for such a great one-day masterclass. I learnt so many useful tips and definitely came away a more confident speaker!

Cherry Wilkinson

Thank you Ryan. I really enjoyed the course and will definitely attend another one. My confidence has increased after just one day!

Tieran Dubique

Thank you Ryan for your course. I learned a lot of useful skills and would highly recommend the one day masterclass to everyone who wants to become better and confident at speaking.

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