About Us

About Ryan

With 10 years experience in customer service, sales & complaints. It’s hard to believe Ryan was afraid of public speaking. Shaking, shortness of breath, a total loss for words, they’ve all been experienced.

Only when looking back now he realises how many opportunities were missed by not having the confidence or the competence to go for promotions or speak up on issues that mattered to him.

This changed in 2015, when Ryan attended a public speaking class. He hasn’t looked back since.

All of the quirks to do with presenting, tips for writing a impactful speech, and ways to leave an audience spellbound…these are Ryan’s interests now and he takes pride in being able to share these with his clients’and help them progress through their careers, relationships and improve their networking skills.

What we don’t do

We don’t tell you to “Be confident”, stand up straight or have you saying “I can do this” to the mirror before every presentation.

We want you finding out what approach works best for you using your own words, phrases and personality to communicate better.

What we do

We get you communicating confidently, competently and effectively with skills that you can use anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Our 1-2-1 courses, group courses and in-house training options will change your perspective on what communication really means and provide you with the tools, skills and the mindset you need to blossom into effective communicator.