Personal coaching

Ideal for exploring public speaking anxiety and presentation skills in a private session with advice tailored to you.

One to one sessions are totally focused on your individual needs, helping you get to the route cause of some thoughts without any ‘beating around the bush’ letting you to see communication skills under a new spotlight.

1-2-1 guidance on what you can do to boost your presentation skills.

Focus on any of the skills selected from our list below.

Strategies for overcoming last minute nerves and developing confidence on stage.

80% Practical & 20% Theory - not just note taking, you'll leave the course with practical tips.

Group courses

Group courses are a great way to overcome your fear and improve presentation skills in front of an audience.

Group courses are managed through Meetup & Eventbrite.

Wether you’ll be speaking up at the office, presenting at a wedding, or pitching your product & services.

6 to 10 people - enough to have an audience, and not too many that you feel overwhelmed.

Experience focused you'll get the opportunity to try out everything you've learned on the day.

80% Practical & 20% Theory - not just note taking, you'll leave the course with practical tips.

In-house courses

We come to you. In-house courses are perfect if you’d like to get your team on the same page or want to boost their skills in one go.

In-house courses are useful for figuring out strengths and weaknesses when it comes to presenting and working out solutions for a team.

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Presentation skills

How to use the stage effectively

Learn about staging, connecting with your audience and structuring your movements.

Stage presence

Get a better understanding on what makes someone you'd like to listen to. Make an impact on stage or before you make it.

Voice control

Voice control - how to project your voice, make use of abilities you didn't know you had and develop the most powerful tool in public speaking.

Engage with the audience

Get them on your side, understand how to deal with hostile questions and when is the right time to get them involved.

Practising a presentation

Arguably more important than the main event. Learn how to practise your speech in the best way possible and learn your material without the use of notes, filler words or losing where you are.

Writing skills


Depending on your material, change your structure. Find what structure works for different types of presentation or speech.


Not as simple as "what to add and what to remove", but sometimes it is. Understand the real valuables in your work and what can be discarded without loss.


Make it simple, make it stand out. The only section you need to read to get more people responding to your emails and communications.

Personal writing

Get guidance on reframing your skills & experience to maximise your profile on LinkedIn, covering letter or CV.

Public speaking


Find out the best way to manage last minute nerves before speaking and what you can do to overcome these in future.


The best ways to feel confident before presenting and dealing with 'imposter syndrome' if you don't feel good enough.


Learn how to connect with your audience within seconds and the best ways other speakers connect so quickly with theirs that you can use too.